Music Two

Parental Guidance and or legal guardian

We are going in on this page

Producer Djs 

A bit of background Me along with two others set up EVENT HORIZON drum and base circa 1998 and it went from there 

amazing experience but credit due to the two entrepreneurs I worked with 

I drove a few djs and producers designed flyers and built the image name and so on I was only artistic director

sub focus and  a few others are pure class is all I can say,  played a bit of football with Mampi Swift and some of these producers have skills elsewhere.

Before I sound like an ultra groupie being part of the scene can mean 'anyone anywhere anytime'

I think I spend more time dancing around like everyone else to be honest

There is a point to make if you listen below the talent is out of this world and ultra professional but you can be a part of something without being the lead

Some of the producers have made it so you can listen to their exclusive releases and promos on Soundcloud and events they have played at

Please press Listen on Browser so you can listen for hours on our website 

if you want a more in-depth look press play on SoundCloud

just remember Artists DJs Mcs and producers are booked for events and don't always know what they are in for the stage design or crowd

Mc = mic controller or = master of ceremony's dj = disc jockey producer = creates the tracks 

no more words just enjoy their music and dance how you want that's the beauty of drum and base

Stay safe

Adult themes outdoor rave so PG another mind blowing set from Andy C

Parental Guidance or legal guardian mild adult themes

I said we are going in on this page well listen to this

more support for quality mc's Harry Shotta and co have got to be some of the best drum and base mcs on the globe

Check out more of Burr oaks musical creations like supreme entity

Dark heavy stomping drum and base in the woods adult themes parental guidance and swearing in track list

just a warning

Mild swearing

Mild swearing


When we said we are going in we meant it could it get any harder and darker than this ?

Technical master piece

Another Hard tune to get hold of

One major thing to add which I have noticed over the years. More experienced quality security teams are needed at events