Its hear for you to enjoy but in some countries this may be too much so please ask a parent or legal guardian to check over and see if its safe even in so called safe music there are some extreme ideas and content

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so enjoy also our Spotify playlist YouTube playlist and SoundCloud playlists

designed to be safe as we can and make it

We have tried to make a story out of the drum & Bass tunes list which to our knowledge is fairly clean due to being like its name

drums and base and some vocals

Some of the below music is not just the most amazing vocals and musical talents but pure poetry 

Parental guidance or legal guardian please check with a parent or guardian before listening or watching all content on this website and connected to 3rdegree burns websites can be removed by an individual legal entity or authority we are working hard not to upload music or videos that breach the rules of this website or global rules which is tricky as they differ country to country

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Some of the people I know from the music industry we went to school with them or met on life's journey

You may hear our voices on tracks merged in or studio time 

You should try it sometime if allowed. You can do what I did make noises into a mic and sing then let the producer do the rest

Daniel Christopher John St. Claire-Forde aka 3rdegree


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Very hard tune to get hold of there are a few to search for

Warning Parental guidance or legal guardian Below below videos contain adult themes and mild swearing and raving ie club nights

Skibadee a pioneer of Drum & Base MCing

Parental Guidance from this point

as below we have kept these examples of one of the most unique music types on earth in our opinion

However these might have heavy content for young listeners

1995 mix on 1200 belt drive technics and 1210s turntables

date on original copy in 3rdegree burns ltd possession

Microsoft codex 2am 1995 

PG at first part of mix track due to swearing 

Listen by pressing on below link

screamer is a tune I D cj Forde aka (3rdegree) wrote and sang on with dj steppa in Leeds 2000 in his studio originally called da Ming

At the time I was director of Event Horizon along with two director friends Screamer is now on Ram records 'Andy C' in my humble opinion one of the greatest drum and base djs of all time along with Hype and Mampi swift. Hype is the underground drum and base dj that made the d+b scratch scene before everyone knew what time it is and Mampi smashes the room with base and technical mixes. And as you can see Andy C makes raves just melt, people just go wild when he is on set.

Up and coming djs mean a lot to the industry so

stay safe keep on practicing as above are dedicated musicians who have worked hard not all of us have backing to make it but the journey means something

please forgive 3rdegrees mix was the first time recording with dj range 'OPEN' so a few errors soz teenager at the time

You can always guide a producer how you like the tune to come out if you have a good repour

Or practice on anything even you phone like many MC Rappers do 

warning below is serious parental guidance cool music

contains violence you have been warned

One major thing to add which I have noticed over the years. More experienced quality security teams are needed at events