We are a gaming Clan which started in 1995 offline went online with counter strike 1999

please follow our rules once you join are many clans across the globe

Our Clan leader plays under the gamer tag Dr3degree Xbox and Dr3degree PlayStation and 3rdegree PC dr3gree other

Our Rules whilst gaming

Please ask a parent or guardian as we all come from differing walk's of life

or use game safe page as a reference as in some countries there are different legalities and rules

Or clan leader has played as 3rdegree from the 1990's

dr3gree Xbox and gamer56342 PlayStation 3rdegree pc (someone has hijacked my dr3gree ps4 gamer tag and made it private)


NO 1. No talk of illegal acts or carrying them out while online

NO.2, No racism misogyny sexism or phobias of any kind or attacks against disability groups

No 3. No anti religious sentiments or hatred against our members

NO 4. No bullying harassment or identity stereotyping

NO 5. No offline hook-ups/meetups or profanity

NO 6. No threats to life or intimidation of any kind

NO 7. No trolling bashing stalking raging don't call young people or people new to gaming noobs its annoying

NO 8. No theft of property coins XP i.e. experience points in game character hijacking or gamer tag stealing

NO 9. No Hacking lag cheating personal shield wall or general glitching denial of service intentional rubber banding effects slow down or fake team mate attacks

NO 10. No cultural stereotyping and refrain from looking down at people who are not as wealthy or seemly competent everyone has skills 

our admin will contact relevant authorities or you can block report or contact people in private in some countries these are serious offences

Federal State provincial county 

Enjoy the new rules as we are here to have fun

we have an email a landline and address to contact for complaints compliments or to chase up an order

you can contact us to remove anything within reason you can discuss with our leader admin or lawyers

kind regards and video game safe 

+442084887786 02084887786 United kingdom landline please ask permission from the bill payer before using this number alternatively you can email info@3rdegree-burns.com or post us with return information so we can correspond

Director of 3rdegree Burns Ltd

Daniel Christopher John Forde aka Daniel Christopher John St. Claire-Forde

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