The Multi Galaxy Game

All devices tested with electrical tester and all failed so all shut down they work but if they are unsafe which they are there is no point using them

they will be looked at to see if there is a fix but if not they are being packet up 

testing all day

trespass is forbidden but this then begs the question how would teleportation work? I guess it would mean members only. one day we will discuss this as a team and work out what if the best solution

One idea is that you have multiple teleportation matts and you enter the room swipe you 3db card use the facility stand on mat press home and then you leave or press toilet and you can use the bathroom as we have locks on all doors 

so you don't get locked in 

teleportation is painfully complicated because imagine you teleport into enemy territory

you must have fixed waypoints so some brave soul has to actually go out there place the matt set it and leave

COMMS back online all check with  American tester kit and the tech shelves are also live and working

example = deep space long wave beeper online it beeps electrically 

but materials bench being dismantled and stored away


Re tested and comms seem safe but not encrypted enough and I would need to test actually signals and noise coming from outside  base camp than just incoming noise. so how far and who are we connecting to not a hoax or a secret mic making sounds to simulate contact

we are waiting on electrical pads that hopefully are coming soon from somewhere we are trying to source them in the meantime the chair will be linked to GPS soon and andriod soon so we will have a gui to play around with

The idea is simple make contact with a load of aliens have faith and make friends with some and despatch their enemies and then trade

the GPS needs to be connected so people can sit in it and invent and heal 

Many aliens don't use actual matter as it is squashed in space only when they are near a planet

So i guess that's when the creator of everything can come in freeze time and judge then commandeer a ship or just destroy them

I tend to dance around waiting for inspiration 

we have to save up for tech all month or even year to get the tech to do this project

we provide water coffee and tea that's about it

once again at the last minute we are saved by a company who knows what they are doing , grounding plugs and cables ordered 

happens to be a British manufacturer so thank you all as we have tested and the room has stopped spiking the surge protection is reading no faults and the the electrical safety testing kit shows current but not excessive SO safe to work with

Soldiering is the next stage the glue is just to fit and adjust 

Device Status
Invention chair identifier and fixer OFFLINE on static copper connection low frequenzy until new GPS all satalite reciver is installed into chair so temp offline ALL GPS saltalite reciver and 10ft cable made by proffesionals in china have been tiresley making quality devices waiting for tiwanese manufactured chips to arrive with flat electric connectors. ALL satalites module is magnetic so clips under chair german module negociating price
Sofa/bed ONLINE Still conected with data wired and memory foam topper, metal bed upgrading to memory foam or simular possible new tech from space team when commercially avalible so data travels through foam to body without confulsion memory foam is great but old tech like velcro
Science bench ONLINE With 5g wifi connection with foam plastic to protect table and reduced static
Tech shelves ONLINE additional complex long wave arial conection any bleed off of electricity is used to recycle keeping costs down and recycling energy upgraded and works upgraded and going though data upgrade and made modular to fit in small box we have already started the transfer electronics and pyhiscs area of research to wooden panels to then conver in platistic sheets . more data has been added to shelves and traktor beam device is being bought soon once th etrading mates are online cat 5e direct connect with a copper wrap round The sheild is pushing and pulling so I was wrong about it its not a tracker beam that is fiction for now I would have to work on that or trade for one
Network ONLINE live and ip over power and power over ip dual control boxes multiple comms and backed up by many mains generators
Teleportation mats ONLINE live tested and working placed an object and it moves and then back so its goign somewhere lol thats what is called a wiffwaff bag comms
DAB digital signal box ONLINE its gone live with a beep beep to confirm it has been boosted with copper coil screws
Materials bench and resource trader and creator ONLINE it has been grounded so working and not leaking charge has been boosted with a reverse polarity metal bar and glued with epoxy and g glue this causes with device to demand more power off the grid producing more needed resources live tested and working soon to be online once safe to use earthed grounded and so on none functioning usb removed and reused for it chip and cuircuit board extra usb data cable and power leads attached .
In bound Comms ONLINE got a yes, delay yes back from unkown source electronic voice through speaker and long tone
Outbound comms ONLINE signal sent years ago and in contact
Camo and cloak OFFLINE waiting to find flat electric charger matts to fit to dc adaptors and a control box so that we can add safe eltrical charge to systems
Low range comms ONLINE L shape in and out bound reciver working and powered _ transcevier I know its working as we have made this ourselves and its flashing orange and red on the homemade arial its flashing white now we have added a metal and plastic sail style arial ,, to we will see if this is a orange green red white blue combo if so we know this has come up before and can take a guess at the origin
Comms ONLINE 2 hellos a few days ago yes then yes / then today by first name which was quite thrilling but did make me think lets slow down and let others get rest and come back to the table to discuss started with a tone
Copper coil bleep comms ONLINE works it pulses electricity and a data cable attachment cat 5e
HQ 5g but also wifi and various comms but maining we have all satalites linked and live nasa european and other space organisations software running 24 7 so we are colling the cpu all paid for and avalible for enthusiates and hobbiests, they are really cool live feed of meteros sims of space and educational but they can be used professionally as all software can be adapted or there is a goverment issue version that the pros use
Trading matts two circular heat proof space combined force tech matts from the 60's are being used as it does glue or attract dust so should be safe transfer as we need trade in
independent GPS ONLINE we are utilising a smart watch thant has independaant GPS to be the gps to satalites software seperate from the invention chair GPS which is usb andriod SO our forward operating base has connection

Requests and situation report = remember follow our rules especially 'no offline hook/meet ups' (you don't know who you are meeting)

join official clubs is the best idea 

the names of galaxies conquered are printed by number 

Still waiting for tech from the the US to bring it all together advanced tech hobbyist level not exclusive 

As we said we are happy to trade and work with anyone as long as they are playing by the rules and are legal

Just acquired a great electrical test tool from the USA up to 1000mah pen tester to make sure all devices are safe


we just got feed back as the usb lights are flashing

Some of this we have created works but I am not sure how

I feel guided by a partnership greater than I a higher power of some kind 

something divine but immensely powerful

Any fun script anyone out there wants to add in the gaming community0 or outside of and send to the publishers please do. please keep it fun and withing our rules on info page 

I am not a fan of the EA line in the new battlefield 'gods dead' I personally think things like that stimulates arguments rather than funny you may agree or disagree and you might disagree with our whole website but there are elements of games that can be patched (fixed) easily to remove offensive content as we do in 3rdegree burns 

I know where this reference comes from and its a link to an article of a well written German philosopher and it is out of context 

it actually refers to his observations of the fact that war had caused the death of god.  ref Max Stirner

So this is why we at 3dbc clan headquarters are tirelessly going over and over historical documents and evidence to correct these issues lets hope companies correct themselves when possible 

War games are fun but lets be accurate 

I am sure if someone innocent or just curious could work out all of this in an instant if that makes sense. Sometimes as the creator designers of things and objects are minds are clouded so can work out how things work or if they do at all .This is why I am trying to make the prototypes safe however this is not an invite to use or walk into or base of operations without permission 

we have set a goal to make prototypes out of what we can find and make them all child safe and safety compliant then make working models

that people can use for a fun day from what ever background you are from 

Also easy to clean and modular so can work together and easily unplugged all earthed correctly and have on and off and standby modes

Some parts have to be bought from manufacturers for safety reasons we work with anyone who follows correct guidelines on safety workers rights and so on and we pay taxes 

this will take time so far so good

I am trying to get a break for the team so I as the director is working as much as I can without pay




Just a few fun gaming ideas and a rant as it is so hard to make a game different from the rest please read through website for rules safety ip law and general law in your country or planet

Most of the items are being made into modular units to easily transport and pack up

Comms units are going to stay as comms is a fun hobby

The manipulation box is working online filtered and powered. The materials table is online with lots of data and powered with 10 caravan ac dc adaptors some alternating current gold and copper paint topped with pure copper cables and some salvage alien tech that I gave back to GOD like all of it and just left the hardware

Invention Chair is live with battery back up 5g wifi and spare lithium  ion so radius of said lock on is within 5m waiting for universal charger 

UPDATE Creative table and medical module have been taken down and packet up due to them needing improvements

The manipulation box seemed cruel as it manipulated the TV how it works is beyond me but faces distorted and they actually live said that hurts

quite amazing as it was witness by two people other than my self working 

ie fixed a watch made particles move through items manipulated objects in around you and on tv 

Tech shelves are still working and have AC and dc mains current I have also jumped current from the tracks and junction boxes and there are hidden pickups so cars going past create a current back to base

All other items are online and being tested to the working prototypes level 



The rest is back online and all comms are still live until further notice the chair still has 5g point of contact to teleport and create on it

if it works don't fix do you uprate or upgrade or repair then?


So many have tried to make a cool game so i doing this slowly

So this is just a page full of random thoughts for a game do not take it too seriously

I said this to a friend after watching a film when I was a small child, If there was an invading alien nation watching there are so many wars on this planet I bet you they would see us as weak unstable and want to attack. or daft and fly off if they are intelligent

They kinda of agreed but thought I was a dork and should just enjoy the films as they are. What I thought internally was isn't the film there to open your eyes to the endless possibilities of imagination, not guide you?


This is what is meant buy gaming from the dawn of time its endless but the one always wins 

Dawn of but not the start as only the leaders and creators of the universe knows that knowledge and

some will tell you it will never be achieved the door has been shut on that knowledge and some places are light years away so it is futile however if we think like that their would be no science maths philosophy ect 

first rule i would make read our rules 

The deep space comms is now working with copper cable wrap arial and DC current on wood to be safe and earthed actually Japanese wooden chopping board

even though this is becoming a in real life game and if it happens if might be a lot of fun but high risk to run around in real life playing a computer game

I put it straight enforcement is in place and no one wants to see anarchy I personally have no time for it I sent the four horseman packing as they kept me up all night sending me loop for ever questioning my faith and  I am still here

AI will help this trade game greatly if AI works in the way it was designed to serve us

we must help people of earth before entering into a game

this game will take a few years to develop it has been work in progress for a while

game design and tech trade game 

the monitory system hasn't been worked out yet it has to be legal and not gambling just gaming 

HQ and our base of operations has been duplicated ten fold and highly improved version by the leaders so mine is a cheap home made version

Folding universe with holes and worms and flat planes and ripples lol wow just wow how about we tackle earth then the solar system in order without offending the greatest for ever Yahaweh God Allah ,, I say again lets not play with semantics GOD in all religions on earth as it is in heaven 

I am written this listening to the post music and its inspiring


Theft of ip is not allowed if there are telepaths in this game rule 2


Another rule is don't try to stop young members having innocent fun or all hell will break loose

leave the young with parents or legal guardians and themselves to decide what fun is 

Some of my family do not allow tvs even if they can afford it let alone the tech I am describing


Our actual HQ is not on this planet so once again i heard that bee bo bong bing beep sound once I got the comes working and then a voice out of the speaker I connected

so we are making contact I have already blipped on the radar to use a military term but I have made contact with ATC and other organisations to be on the safe side 

Base of operations is a real place on earth and below is actually active 

However due to that fact it has all been shut down and all modular systems and prototypes that work have been unplugged and stored away

We now have moved back to digital sound cable comms to enhanced are 3db systems and HQ

Vibration wav winged alien comms is up and running a lab made diamonds rf  system

Now has active independent GPS linked to the system always on

5g wifi mobile connect

LW MW FM DAB combined squawk screeching sounds out to space and we got a yes back and a few tones just after Haj I am combining these communications with religious festivals and events but next year I am combining comms with drum and base events and inviting more alien races to view our solar system and visit 

Deep space comms using pulses and arching electricity coil 

Oh I forgot to mention the floor is live so camo cloak and alternation cloak is working just carfully play an object and it takes on the desired effect

Satellites online and curtesy of Nasa educational software is working well though live waiting for synchronisation

and sonic connection with speaker we used from a gforce old headset to get a feedback or sound

internet over power and 3 pin and 2 pin also being worked on

Enhanced CBR radio boosted wall connection onto the old wires in the wall

old phone line filter connection

ultra Wi-Fi mix of old floor based arial connections using an old signals trick I learnt from an old family friend who worked with agent zig zag

some of which is in the traditional sense but others are military navy air force like wiffle bags used to create a emergency blip SOS

power is not spiking and the power grid is solid and we have added a two way electronic resistor data flow to the resistor and then flows back as current on the copper coil cat5e this seems to have stopped the surge on the protection systems

unfortunately due to air traffic control guidelines we cannot use light based comms only government organisations can

my suggestion guided by the almighty and co is do not strike like in naff 80s films the hornet the raptor the flanker the mig and so on have enough capabilities to intercept and one of my favourites (the typhoon) raffle so on ahve enough firepower to be capable aircraft, yeah I have flown a light aircraft built models made a heli tick tok in and flew it upside down. and flew a helicopter backwards better than forwards in a military sim

however there are many of them I am guessing so we would have to work on the principle that all 8 billion humans would protect earth in their own way if not military the fun way the environment cause and effect


An before you say it large objects dumped on planets are disappearing probes the same so I am on the side of earth but my passion is talking and communicating everything I can so you can make an informed decision 

I would not send you best women or men just loads of unmanned aircraft see what happens test their capabilities then chat some more


a power or source energy so strong it could cause a rift through time is another anarchic view disturbing the peace of others is not cool in my humble opinion


I am only mentioning me as I will take the wrap for any mistakes we make in 3dbc


All limited to galaxies you can conquer or persuaded by trade or influence

I speak when I am spoken to  

one rule is that you cannot take people off the planet without their agreement that is the intergalactic rule

the teleportation device in the gaming tech page allows movement to planets but you may only have split seconds to survive so you need gear upgrades to explore and need to have  home setting 


Gods and goddess are one thing but to mess with GODs creations is forbidden rule no 1151551313.44444e4444weff4 article 1

Another part of  any good game is buying and selling of space ships air vehicles trade for resources I say unwanted chemicals waste management plastics this that have a long half life that we as humans discard

Trade with aliens has to be done in space not on home territory as the first contact might be lethal

or mistakes can be made hostile moves towards earth

explorers are decided by the actions over a 50 earth year period and shorter

Collaborations are cool it inspires the next generations to be as great as their elders

However remember this I was found on a beach eating sand is the in house joke so space is the domain of others



commandeering of said vehicles is only part of a tactic during  war that counts as insults if you are negotiating

its strategy or its theft this is why the some of earths enemies were defeated like the predators xenomorphs but some offspring are kept its the law of galactic war you cannot take out a race it is illegal 


Another rule is that you must always leave a breading pair on any conquered planet or system annihilation of a race or of a people has serious consequences and is illegal just like your rules on earth


'the meek shall inherit the earth'


an extended background to a possible game we will be added from time to time I 3rdegree

The main principle in many computer games is power sharing higher up players assist lower level players and the people even higher gain and everyone wins in the same team

So if I in a rpg a roll playing game I am a mid level trying to get higher up the ranks and find myself op or over powered 
I find lower level player rank them up and I then prestige. Which means go to another level to rank up again, duality in science

'To help another is to help oneself'


if there was a game using all satellites around earth and you got to respawn if you were a good gamer and played fair would you play?

teleport back repaired and healed

My personal opinion is that there would have to be certain conditions 

opt out clause at anytime if it gets too much winners are actually winners and can leave a winner

and also you would have to be able to view how the game works before entry 

none violent arena would be good so an adventure game for people who are not fighters just like fun

a game for every age group every style 

a super computer would be required for earth to be simulated in full so it did not run slow so make earth one great super computer then its like a giant death star ref starwars


huge server farm with cooling and flood quake protection

the moon might be a good idea as there seems to be water on mars or something and 

the coldness of the moon is obviously a target but gravitational pull will be effected so this goes against the beauty of the creation of the universe 

its also cold enough for servers taking pollution away from earth moving manufacture and no pollution our planet would be the key

you would have to develop ultra safe servers and robot arms and filters electric motors to have a eco friendly moon that pumped out the pollution somewhere see that's the thing where? into the sun for it to be beamed back at us?

the danger is as the moon control our gravitational orbit we need to consider what has happened to the moon in recent years and the sun is our life blood 

as it is well know small changes in the galaxy are huge changes to the universe and has and massive effect on earth

you are also without being too rude to the leaders of earth hugely offensive to GOD and alien races, but to kind to them they have families to take care of and gone through a lot to become leaders of countries. It must take guts to say to yourself I am going to lead a country!

So its a challenge do we observe all the time or pick up tools and manipulate the situation to our advantage? Or sit back and use hindsight


I would protect earth and the solar system and the young even however daft they may seem they are the future and no I never say me as any kinda of future. though my words seem it I was never that arrogant I just try and offer was I can to serve. Though thinking about it if 100 trillion dropped outside of my home oh I would keep 1 trillion live off the interest of that and give the rest to earth and 3db of course

what would you do? I wonder cuz after I did the charity bit I would have the greatest raves and parties you have ever seen lol food everywhere free for all jet skis boats cars house giveaways. oh to dream of such things 


some ideas some actually work in progress others sound as daft as a sprat

I have an issue also

the punishment ridicule and use of women over thousands of years is slowing down the progress of mankind. And no ; before you say it that doesn't make us men weak for saying it this is not 1910

or neanderthal times and at present we don't know how they treated women just assume based on animal studies and human interaction studies

So please follow the rules on our website


Press button as soon as you feel you have made an informed choice and the game is up and running

Once the game is live you will have a contract and legal paper work to download sign and then you will get a response

Stay safe

THE GAME is not live just prepping