Gaming XP to Money

This is the key area but must be legal

This is the biggest challenge how to convert video game XP experience points to direct cash money in a video gamers bank account

without a competition without a match of some kind 

Just grinding game after game and money is achieved 

There was a  game where you buy a house with real money but a millionaire bought the best house in the game the game was then over

This page will be about how this is achieved without negative self deprecating comments 

Playing games and getting paid huge amounts seems like fantasy or one or two get the chance due to sponsorship


There is the issue and the challenge in one

How to get round this?

Cant gamble competition laws so on cheating 

This is real problem


Read as much as you can before entering into any venture with colleagues 

With billions of gamers think how much money everyone could make the gamers game companies and the investors 

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