Gaming Tech designs two

PG Parental guidance

fictional and exploring the world of fun ideas however the scale drawing concepts are fun and work for model making

Please use these carefully they are just imagined tech have fun making models and prototypes

always ask your parent or legal guardian

These are just ideas extended from another page  please read gaming tech designs

There are skills handed down from generations who understand tooling and industry that hardly get a look in

so see if any interest you

Some might be ones we are revisiting for example the tranq dart was posted a few years back 

I hope these help and are not dismissed too soon as they are a start of a design the rest is open play for members and new comers

electricity is not hooked to bed or chair as that would be foolish and dangerous. Data and comms only we are truly excited by the new manufacturing contacts we have made and trading with from all over the globe (vat is paid and all legal contacts receipts kept)

thanks to the team so far aliens high powers and you know who. As I mention GOD every other paragraph

The sensible hard working members of 3dbc and the creative ones too

we are getting there as most of the worlds designs are made with model versions and the scaled and adjusted in testing

yep its that simple

electronic testing is done with stress testing with algorithms and heat and cold testing

have fun protect your ip protect yourselves and stay safe however daft you look wear safety gear eye protection helmet gloves knee pads when testing and designing masks will protect you a lot but eyes are very important 

ask an adult parent or guardian before using tools glues paints and so on

Idea description
rachet like a cable tie it dowent damage the cable but it a tighter fit and doesnt come loose
Fuselage how to make a model plane central bit
Ordanance could be made out of sponge
motherboard possible motherboard for rocket hobbies must be done at official safe place to fire rockets seek boost divert reroute . possible re engage on target
Tranq stations Anti personel tranq dart
Rear view Could be used in jet to see behind heli infantry or just cycling
Handheld teleport
Space ship part
Simple defence aginaist wierd twitches in legs eybrows shave you eye brows razer all hair then send to labratory its in the folicles and under skin. DONT do this just for fun
Mic tech balls small balls which join together to make you cough using freqencies to choke. more nano tech, not small enough to enter blood but explodes in bone tissue so you cant easily remove
A tube shaped device with mouth attachment poors small speakers down into your belly and can be put in food so you walk around and you make noices discrediting leaders agents and civilians
Safe sweets vendor Faith and alergy safe sweets for clubs resturants and so on. we posted this before but this is the upgrade version. with so many skills learned during lockdown sweets that refresh your body and tastge good must be achivable so stops dehidration and nurishing . must taste good )
drone carrier and other vessels uploaded militery and none mil luxury market too. replacement for lost vessels will be putting up floating harbour soon
Sweat maker on the go tube put your faviourite sweats and confectionary in and out comes a sweat that tastes of all of them healthy snacks broken up inside then made into a pellet form. could work for dog biscuits so you cover all ranges of customer
Car basic car smooth lines you could make in cad 3d printed or clay
Basketball net I have talked to college basketball players who have played in the usa europe uae and so on they have never seen a basket net like this safe for hands when dunked allen keys to fit it instead of hoops
saftey grenade the only issue with this is if someone throws it back at you. but good for training and test throw distance as many people cannot throw the same distance the majority of people under arm and or not far. this has not been scientifically tested by us just observations
sports training sports for all training
sheild module for ships tanks buildings working on this for aircaft and people as too heavy and not safe near the body. armor is more efffective and aircraft controls and eltronics are too sensitive for this at present
heli sound canceller a small set of blades on top might take cutt dow the sound but this is a guess . this might cause disturbance of air flow and cause the heli to crash,, just an idea
space ships some fire out of pods from larger ships

There is no point adding just useful tech you have to have defence against list too as the enemy adapts as 2 years people lockdown had a long time to think of evil acts

Also some cool fun ideas too

You all can draw better than us we are just showing the line the flow of lines

and you all can improve on it and add your own technique to your designs

also we will say again check trademark patent copyright but there is a way round a confidentiality agreement form you can download from companies house or similar service in your country which means you can approach bi companies with ideas 


Basketball net

space ship with sealed drop down weapons rack

mini tank

Space ship

Young persons car

Torpedo jet boat

vtol space ship pod based

sports for all

sweet creator with applicator and output of sweets or something else

Helicopter sound 

land speed or family car

sweet creator v2

controlled timed grenade

Bounce and go 

star ship

jet 2 shorty

cargo vessel

Model plane fuselage

Space ship part

Hand help teleport

new rachet


Top of stand



Rear view

filter mask

Armour for sensitive areas

Advanced board 

support vessel

special forces boat

Luxury boat

giro upgrade