Gaming Tech Designs and prototypes

PG parental guidance

please read through all of the tech sections before spending your hard earned money/or pocket money

Tracing paper is a must or very thin a4 a5 paper, you can print these designs out and trace them and perfect them

 fictional and exploring the world of fun ideas however the scale drawing concepts are fun and work for model making

please check if others have failed at these or if they are safe to continue with before choosing an idea to enjoy exploring


This is a gaming site so realise some is based on reality and most is imagination

Many of the devices and inventions are GODS/ALLAHs children family and friends struggling countries and the environment

I am not actually sure if any of them are my ideas I strongly believe that all my ideas actions concepts thoughts come from GOD/ALLAH and his wife cohorts structure of the universe the movement of a leaf a drop of rain, everything around me, this is not a psychedelic statement but being  observant and alert please refer to our religious section

I think there has been a male orientated concept of god that's what I personally believe take it or leave it

We are a gaming company predominantly so please bare in mind that you must be careful about making false claims with designs this why our designs are down for the gaming industry to add content or make a game  

we have probed the galaxy and upset many and the balance of the cosmos

but we have discovered so much and many items and research programs have helped the progression of the human race medical sciences biology chemistry physics mathematics

there is an argument that if you had spent the same money on the human race itself you would have saved many

however its a balance between the growth of civilisation and the journey of exploration

if you remove the politics for a a bit and take a look at many joint operations and joint collaborations these have aided us


please check copyright patents trademarks before using your hard earned funds to created these in your country or place you intend to design manufacturer as the law changes frequently 

They are being posted over the next few weeks just remember who designed them 3rdegree burns Ltd and are the property copyright of 3rdegree burns ltd with help from higher powers  we are adding these to the galaxy game but on the other hand if the gaming industry used them and or young person needing to use these feel free gamer developer them I think and/or a 3db member everyone in 3db would be proud of of that 

We have working models/prototypes of the ideas just to visualize the ideas some have been designed many years ago some are active or redesigned. Some have already gone to large organisations or gov or gaming industry but enjoy doing your checks and some are game addons dlcs downloadable content saleable items a 3d printer though expensive might help or you local store might be able to do the job  just ask for a privacy statement in writing from them if you are serious about your work

To keep things simple I work on this for free support to us is great being able to pay for servers and the site would be great 

but as the world is in a mess just use these ideas for the greater good

I will keep posting these for years and years because its fun and one day I might see you all enjoying your wealth 

enjoy the journey to riches or just happiness these are there based on seeing other companies giving royalty free images so we are 


Hopefully they will get to the right people G's/A's children but not me I will enjoy seeing these come to fruition

Could it be that lab grown diamonds be used as high strength clear screens windows or sights? low cost 

Trade and design began many moons ago and designs might not actually reflect the end product precisely but for a game design this may be a fun game or funniest 

apologies for spelling mistakes but some of our members are amazing but their leader doesn't sleep mush trying to cover all bases

its good to get 8 hours a day if possible the hours after 12pm are wasted hours used to be a phrase but I always questioned that as many people have to work with only a few hours sleep and when you are with child you get no sleep man or woman good luck with trying to decipher that one

ideas might have been done before so do your checks but companies if you are brave 'do listen' and you can make it just offering improvements or new product lines for said companies

This is not a self help scam website this is a site for people to use as and when we are not asking for monthly fees or offering guarantees to people


Idea Description
Filters warning signs and air pollution adding system for fish and plancton and the environment
Tracktor beem implimentor We placed a small flat a4 thick piece of paper and it stood upright with air movement and kept still
Shield creator creates shield devices once placed
Disruptor creator small wrall plug and peice of carboard placed aftwards it made a hole in the wall once thrown
Invisible creator does what it says on the tin mmakes things invisible water and air passes through object, To revert you must destroy the device as we are working on a revert system you might have to enclose the device in revert cover this why doent sit on the table or you might not come back or be able to eat.
Healing bed extracts objects heals and you can invent things also
Restorer Chair identifies issue finds problem and starts to work and inventions are read by chair then you sit on sofa for extraction both chair and sofa do simular functions however the chair has now been upgraded to wifi and 5g connection. so now the chair moves freely without the original cable connection
Materials bench Gold silver diamonds food stuffs wood sand glass water fossil fuels
Work bench has been ugraded with a new control panel and sound dive to adjust mw and fm dab is runnin already on all sytems
Science module its a chemical excelerator ...with data cable and power air comes out of the top with filters which stops condensation fluid comes out of the tube to be collected with a suringe without needle it has pumps inside and samples of all medical reliefs for basic allments such as hay fever magnesium sulfate cod liver keritine cologine for hair some of which is what makes up the body still working on the tablular system to take a slim safe tab you put on your tougue. pathagoens are not safe and as seen in games and films cannot be controlled
Cloaking standard cloak of surounding area
Camoflage adopts surounding looks
Switching cloak cloning clones objects so your car looks like another object but switches so no its not a code name SCCT switching cloaking clone tech
Gateway creates square triangular doorways in and out
Weapon rack pick up a weopon once delivered but dont try to trick the traders they are a very powerful group
Creator table sensory boards not attached to you at all with usb power and data
The Fleet The dystroyer is exactly what you think it pushes though space at a far pace heaevly armour but weopons fold away for space travel space dust and obejects carry energy so one show recycles energy whilst keeping dimonds rare metals for traade not to be mistaking for mining vessels
3db personal Fleet fastest in many galaxys but not as fast or as powerful as you know who the owners and creators of the universe
Shield the shield can go anywhere on your gear
Sun shade could be made out of bamboo and water weights one evaporates and then the device turns or a more complicatied is solar panels wieghts motors and so on
Scanners multi shot scanning worked on this in my studio 2010 grandad worked on in in 1950's came from the sstudio of butterflies in the wild running aaround trying to capture one in flight . he didnt agree with collecting them in boxes but studying them out in nature on walks then you would get to eat at the end of the day
Aeroplane generaly rule of thumb the fusalage is half the length of the wing try halves quarters wholes and 8ths see what happens I use 7ths I will eperiment but running out of paper i would refer to use the remaining paper on designs
Bird feeders Feeds Birds and made out of wood on a spindle easy to make and could sand balsa and varnish to look life said tree a litlle bit of tree sap of same tree and the birds will go for the bugs it catches
Seed cleaner Put seeds and grain and small plants in and it cleans them and drys someone in farming would know what this device could do
Darkness Sight How do you fight on a planet when you cannot see farther than a few feet is the question and day and night cycles are different from earth also you will be cannon fodder bouncing around like yo yos so here is a sight that miight help
handheld mobile scanner
A Game The idea behind this game is you collect clues thoughout time but in a a neandeerthal to present day not all over the place also the ball can be controller by any device add on or manufactures controller xp is gained from ansering questions but over ridden by spotting a clue in a painting or image or sensory out put vibration so on, Ball though time multi player family fun not to disimular to a board game or two
Protective gear a lot safer to vital organs abnd works with all humans and aliens alike
Poop cleaner human horse dog cat so on cleaned auto bagged carry it withyou and you dont need to touch it just pplace box down brushes away. scoops up bags then brushes with handle fints in boot of card rucksack mini version could be made for dog sizes you might be atractive dog might be cute but that part of the looking after lets the side down comes with nice bag to do around it the volume will allow more than one use
water safe this might seem strange but some people dont like swiming this device rocks you safely around like the water bubbles for the mind and tube for dirt to pass through plugs into your tap can fit in a bath or in a centre for swiming has straps for safty and for people who a impared
hookless fishing safer for fish easy to remove from mouth of fish less damage if you do catch and release but fishing to eat is nicer
on the fly ladder fixer you may have to tweak this idea but you get this idea embarrasing moments where you want thin ones to be comfortable but ladder easily this just stiches it up with a twist
rpg based on the rules on projectiles the quick shot is a design where you roll rocket around the chamber and fire mechanism is designed buy others this means it could be just a toy or oyu could use a foam shot and practice safe build . the idea is simple twist roll drops aim fire les wastage and you dont leave this behind on the field of play
Pancake to stop foam attacts parachute doubles as air pocket
engine safe safe drop off of engine during flight flight control system works out luaguage weight balances plane pilot control filght control sufaces perfect for a sim experience or game to simulated a disaster or could be actully used in a comercial system glide to land wings parchute fuel drop off is a stadard procedure thought of 1980s croydon airport started testing with members of bmfa model flight assciation wormwood scrubs. we used rc models to test
satalites they are providing lots of fun straight up and down just need a reciever radio rotator there are many compatible devices we will list one kenwood ts 2000 you can pick one up second hand for a bit of amatuer radio fun as of 8/06/2024 dowload stalites gps from app store lots of fun as a cool hobby
Model flight be safe standard glider is with control is one of the safest or trainer aircraft wormwood scrubs rc is a legal flying site in london try it out model flying times are on a board at site try to make your models light weight there is paid parking at the hospital and train station near by with great food close
New cargo ship This vessal has front bride a wave ride hieght that has to match docking rules globally. angles that allow water jets and 50 120call stike distances and ai rear bridge many countrys have hundereds of years of industry and quality parts and laborit would only take one individual who has worked on the srtipping of vessels somewhere out there to be bold enoguh to get the ideas out there . take india for example if you can take it apart you can build it
Toy driver alert stay safe driver alert system for parents of the future or limo's now
Reactor sight throws twisted beams of light at the other sniper lower lense has to be angled correctly to give sniper the upper hand lense flair masking and gives sniper that split second it would get nerfed in a a game
Heli problem to work on Blade stress engine tail wabble so on
Listening center arial adavanced ariel
Space weapons Some races have worked out that they need weopons without heat signitures so things are shuttled at hi volocity at the target. however there will always be a small amout of hot or cold just not engine propultion
enforment amnesty boxes Gain XP experience points by dropping off dangerous materials substances objects without recorse ......
Faith food tester no offence here but if you could test the food we eat for poision allergies and food some of us cannot eat it would be a great advancement in tech a little red amber green light brail readout and a screen to say what is in your food it has a tray one side and heat protective spike the other side for meats soups and so on
horse shoe protective horse shoe to proect their hooves as I have riddin horse and mucked out stables I know the pain possibly feel
Attack sensor proventative can fit in gear close swimwear so on reads movments and responds I am sure someone who has background in inventions could make this work keeps the user safe every second counts while you sleep also to stop sleep interference
whale sub advanced for eco freindy build i will leave this for sub mariners who know what is safe pre twisted to the depth and plastic from the oceans and land fill
History Toys the difference is the application clip on to anything and play soft play can be large for a castle garden a garden an event or small for a room or caravan
Giro cup stops spilage using gyros or giros and weights what you would find on a tail of a model heli
super vehicle wings pop out jet propulsion electric battary powers pedal back up or just one ellement of them it turns like a tank could be for a fairground ride or fun park or a cool toy if made safe base in part on a flying fish that technically glides long enough to be seen as flight
Blue tooth key ring with detail works with brake add on and attaches and other chipsets and ecus could be tested by you or approach a freindly group who understands road safty like the horsey lot stops run away push chairs scooters vehicles water craft
Cannon front shunts people who get close the rest is for you all to design as I know you could add to this but the pricible is anyone can use it and shoot huge sponge cannon fire
unknown tree toy fun to create design it how you like soft safe outer layer around blades
diamond sight universal sight
hair band fixer v1 removes hair from said hair band
tree sergoen many have tried but it is dangerous work and the tree cannot be damaged but maybe a robot that can slowly climb via remote cable controlled could work with a mini chain saw and light weight metals i belive that this might work if the right person can control it and gets to work with environmetalists great for exploring a tree or bushes as there is a large viehicle that can cut trees but this would be more delicate
Tree with lights this is for a starter age group
boat hulls most hull designs you can mock up from a side image as displayed years ago on our website you need the beam down the middle nick named the devil beam due to the suffering of the irish making boats . though the out come of the amazing boats they designed over hundreds of years it was the hardest beam to roduce the one running down the middle of the boat . the hull shapes are made use this technique to build any ship any boat for a model the ability to float and so on is something you can quickliy test if you make it out of paper as long as the paper will hold together
Alert system multiple click at side walf lights or traffice lights brings traffic to a stop to contain incedent or alert central base of issue no drwaing required just click the lights button a few times change the times every year or so
super cloak switching cloak
Base of operations HQ these are being upgraded hq now has lab grown diamonds as a secrect part of the project and DAB video connection
weather game this coud be a bit of fun send in drawings to a games company or ask you parent guardian to do so and send in some ideas see what they say. or just draw for fun

use caution when mixing lights electricity water paper and so on ask a parent or legal guardian

Papier Mache (child safe glue and bits of newspaper if remembered correctly )and kitchen roll and plastic lying around the house and spare copper cable and boxes is what I used to make prototypes you could make is real good paint I found . with a 3d printer vacuum plastics machine cnc or tooling shop you could do this in Design and technology or send it off to your local business to do for you or kitchen foil as lamps and when the sun comes up it shines like a lamp or a lollipop stick could be a trapdoor in your dolls house or white picket fence. rather than damage your existing dolls house you make another version with swings trees windows that light up lamps outside or you can do what i did a train track with green grass sprinkles and little trees and a village made up of second hand parts from a railway shops it ends up looking kind of good just watch the weight as you might have to carry it

you may need to sign a confidentiality agreement with the people you work with

Game chat

Some of this links to the game we are creating so bare with us

Don't ask how they where made I don't even know how they work lol I am a results person anyone found tampering with website is an offence we are trying to provide to the needy struggling humans governments earth as a whole the environment but mostly people of earth and all creatures

prospective individuals who are struggling with work life balance good people hopefully. 

this bring me on to promises promises promises 3db what we want is safe servers to play on with admin that actually do something about large clans bullying other people unfair reporting just to get someone's gamer tag please refer to info page on rules lots of random money brought to use legitimately

many of our rules are based on policy's of the gaming industry and the law. we have been reading many of theses to make sure we are in line with them enjoy these ideas because seeing one work will be exciting and great for school projects 

please be aware that ideas made on school campus or university sites may be their intellectual property as equipment is their property there of 

However the rules may vary and they might offer you a good percentage or you may become an ambassador for the school campus or university

HQ is regularly cleaned on a regular bases please use common sense when using equipment or designs creators


Forward operating bases are supplied by hq but realise this hq has be duplicated so removal of HQ on earth doesn't change the game it makes the other HQ off planet bigger and more powerful this is called duality

so to be polite to the high powers our version can only be a inth of the quality or creative wonder of Gods Allah and cohorts creation

if you are not overly religious turn a blind eye to our references and if you are please refer to religious page thanks

titles above images are just possible  names We have posted parts internal and external and will be posting more apologies for spelling mistakes but our team is over varying age groups and abilities checked over by lawyers if need be and someone with a bachelor of science and someone with a masters is witnessing these in person


we will persist in sending out free to use designs but the HQ is offline until further notice as we are waiting for glue to dry devices need repair and upgraded

we have to go through electrical testing for safety and make sure everything is earthed correctly. Current is spiking our surge protection has kicked in but now steady

we have posted others a few years back please feel free to revisit and see if they are getting better

we will reiterate please check rules compliance in your country and where it is built before spending your hard earned money and testing must be checked were you can test these items

but have fun as there is no guaranty these will work they are ideas presented to you please read previous statement about PG and not spending your hard earn money no one in our organisation wants to see anyone fail

there are tv shows that are a good way or present them to your boss in private if you think that is a safe way to do things or be more covert and do it all at home for yourself


Some of the ships you can remove hulls like the V deep V hull or other hull types and replace the bridge or aft bow so on and make up a ship


weather game

hull template

Luxury Boat

Mountain magnet emp possible strange device

Cooling resistor chip

Tree Beatle

Alice band fixer hair band fixer

blue tooth key ring in detail

Super vehicle

historical toys

School project DT homework or just fun dolls house Wendy house play room hobby upgrade

Horse Shoe possible improvements

Food tester

Safe driving future rules may change

Quick release and repair cargo vessel with trust vector system

Human bridge front facing  AI rear bridge Cargo vessel

Engine drop off system

tights ladder fixer

Hook less fishing

water safe swim rocker

Poop cleaner

Protective gear unisex

bike scooter skate board safe

a game

Bird feeder

water based toy

anyone can use this in a a game 

seeds and grain and small food items

Paper aeroplane design guide

Paper aeroplane design guide

Weight for sun shade


Enforcement amnesty boxes gain XP


heli issues

Listening centre arial

reactor sight

Lmg and rollout sight


Could be used for airsoft paintball or other uses


Military or air soft gaming industry 

Invention chair

Enforcement use and military

Space team use

internal of space sight

unknown toy

Rifle forces use gaming film so on

Power cell

Small star fighter

Medical Module

Control box

Creative table

Materials table

Tech devices

Environment filter and warning system


Holiday designs sun shade



Large Star ship

Space handheld pistol

Magazine and space door entry

Mobile scanner

These are tech designs for our game and just a bit of fun you could try too and probably do better drawings than me 3rdegree just giving it a go

you could use these for school projects homework or actually try to put into into practice and make them work out of paper cardboard balsa 

we made some of them out of spare bits of wood kitchen roll tube spare paint spare glue and tape lying around and so on 

Please ask parent or legal guardian before using ideas or materials could be risky 

Thanks from 3db


Intellectual Property Office United kingdom

By definition, prototype means it is an early stage representation of a final product or thing.  They can be essential but also disproportionately costly, fragile and can often be done without.

Legal definition of a prototype and need for one

An inventor or individual seeking to license a relatively straight-forward product then a prototype often becomes optional.  A great presentation can be enough to convey or sell an idea.

If the idea is based on a technical theory or mechanism a proof of concept may be necessary to prove that it will work in practice.  Similarly, if market testing is necessary, customers will typically want to see and touch it if not operate it.

Focusing on the specific need and acceptable compromises should help create the right prototype at the right cost.  Consider that you may be able to modify an existing and similar product instead of making something from scratch. re .gov website