Gaming Galactic Trade

First rule of trade is you cannot trade oneself other people or aliens who visit earth or live here (that is called daft)

Enough disappearing people already for our emergency services and enforcement

This is about trade with species outside of this solar system that some have denied existed but maybe deep down knew there where

No tricks trade

You cannot make deals that make a planet end with slavery of its people due to negotiating endless tax or trade deal so their live stock goods and services depletion

So its trade of goods materials mostly 

Stocks and shares only work to a point as some nations and races in outer space see this as gambling (more research needed as it is a fascinating field) 

Trade is old school market trade you have fish me have money you have gold I have a spaceship !!!

We except all currency that is legal tender sorry no virtual currency 

we like cash on the hip !!!


These are based on real prices ref Google we will ref global indexes soon

Product Weight/Quantity approx Cost Form/condition
Gold 1kg $60,000 bullion
Recycled plastic 1kg £10 pellets
Coal 1kg $0.11 raw coal
plastic waste 1kg £0.1 in its rubbish form
Old satalites 1 £1.2000000 depending on state/condition/useable parts
Long range satalites 1 200,000000-500,000000 this is approx new price
Trading Spaceships Class Z - Class A n/a Lowest class to highest

You must return funds to state country individual investors who made the technology and workforce. profits are clear and huge if trade is correctly done. Brokering gets you a lot also, especially if the trader is hostile. If its old tech out of date the lead goes to the buyer to check usability and costs to remove from solar system


Trading space ships is on a different trade platform as its like for like or add money on top to buy one

bare in mind you might not be able fly it as its made for a different size person or shape

We have engineers in out space that can adapt and change the outfit of your ship and make it follow you automated if you wish

They cost a lot to repair fuel and dock at stations so way pointing one to dock safety and back to you on your planet will take money and or trade and time

we have many teams around but led by the leaders of the universe

I work for 3dbc at present and guided by your needs for free

I have the medic engineer fleet command special forces wrist bands already imbedded non surgically as I had to do some wipe outs has they didn't respect earth its inhabitants and our leaders and ultimately ALLAH / GOD 

There is a funky hierarchy out there royals mixed with hard working aliens gods and my favourite 3dbc 

3rdegree Burns came here in 1089 which is a number puzzle but before too 

I know this is a trade game but I thought you might need some background