Clocking games vs clocking games

Published on 31 May 2024 at 08:43

Clocking used to mean finish completely ie platinumed on PlayStation. We used to use the word before the internet came out but there where arcade games such as street fighter and mortal combat. Our clan used to meet up to have competitions. So to complete every element until all levels are empty of challenges and or items bosses enemies.  This seems a lot less simple now with dlc after dlc so someone buying the game early can platinum but then does the requirements change for users who by the game later also some are not available because like dark zone in the division we were all going to platinum then the second version of the game came out so dark zone was empty this should be an auto platinum . Speed run has replaced the word clocking but clocking meant all of it as fast as you can. So doom in just a few hours without losing a life. Ninja Gaiden in a morning lol

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