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size of map and player numbers

It is a real accomplishment that games can manage 128 64 vs 64 with a console from the days of running around a small map 4 v 4 it is no wonder the battlefield series gets a lot of stick. I don't think they should just listen to fans they should look at their history and be proud of it EA could and should stick to advancements in the game. If they make a fan based game it will be like the space version of battlefield. many of our clan liked it but after hearing so many ideas about battlefield and how it should be I am am just shocked at how it runs on ps4 ps5 pc so on. maybe mobile is next. This is not to say don't listen to us but in a way it is. Simulating battles but adding fun stuff like jetskis and so on similar but not exact what is missing from this is fair play  Chinese French and British and Arab nations Africa?. Should really be more sides to this and English forces seem missing from many games  Basically working with the developers of WW3 total war and others to make the greatest fighting arena ever. Also why nerf certain guns and weapons during seasons based on headlines. The AK tears people up the MP5 range is one of the best close quarters weapon the heckler a Koch is highly reliable ... you could have jamming even though it would be a coders nightmare. an possible a rage moment. weapon cleaning stations. prolonged battles where you keep you xp when you leave ....points farming and cheating might be and issue but leaving and loosing is a pain. leaving when winning just before a match might get weird rotations of people but its worth a shot......lets see

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Progress Bar

wouldn't it be great if there was a 'how long have i got to complete a game?' they have a trophy percentage but that is different as you can complete a game but not all the trophy's. Useful when trying to clock games and speed run. Also freeing up space and parents and or guardians can allocate play time hassle free

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Free Games

Some of the free games we have played are better than some paid for games. its defo worth checking them out

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Don't gaming and companies as a whole have to have a contact number ?

I might be wrong here but wouldn't it be nice one could ring up and voice your issues they could record and all easily sorted rather than web page after web page to filter us out then creating a rage machine of disgruntled fans. auto mated is fine but leave a message would do just a thought. we have taken that step contact number land line email biz address and we are just a small company trying to swim with big people all around 

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Music in games

Music in games have always been amazing the first time one hears it. But for people who have sensitive hearing it can be an issue. some games don't have the option to turn off. It also become repetitive, racing games have varied tracks and some games have radio in the the vehicle so adds fun. some handhelds don't even have an option so when traveling or late night gaming sessions you can hear the music over the game itself. 

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